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by Sara Radle

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Like scratchy old vinyl in the discount bargain bin I'm used And I'm used to you, I'm used to you I am damaged I've got baggage I am damaged goods I've got baggage, I am damaged, I'm no good Wanna' walk forward with my shoulders back My head held high Not looking down at the eggshells on the ground Make a promise to me Something that I can believe Just give me something Something I can hold onto And I'll hold on to you I'm happy Don't it sound convincing? Happy I'm happy I'm happy I'm fooling nobody
Baxter Hill 03:21
I drive around I've been so down, down Need to get away Need a little escape from life Maybe my friends were right Maybe I could have tried a little harder To meet you halfway Then maybe you would have stayed for a while I drive over the Baxter Hill, I can see your house And it makes me smile Makes me smile Find sympathy Try forgiving me You've been on my mind And I'm hoping to find I've been on yours I drive over the Baxter Hill, I can see your house And it makes me smile Makes me smile Smile I drive over the Baxter Hill, I can see your house I drive over the Baxter Hill, I can see you
Seem to let strangers in More than you do for your so-called friends You set fire to the bridge Ten years pass before you regret it And now you need 'em Yeah you need em' 'cause you're back in the game You cross your fingers, hoping that they'll still remember your name And so you throw a coin in the well You make a wish you don't blow it all to hell The way you always do Each time opportunity comes knockin' for you And now you're pacing Yeah you're pacing back and forth in your brain It's so sweet and it's so close that you can taste that fame And you believe that you're the king And you're looking down below You wonder, "Where did everybody go?" So everybody sing to the lonely king Up on self-appointed throne Wondering why he'll always be alone And now you're trying to reach out to those who retained their fame The ones who did it right while you were blowing it all away Blowing it all away He'll be alone The lonely king Sing sing to the lonely king
The morning light crept through the vines and danced across his face So mesmerizing as it reflected back in a deep blue gaze
When I said, "Hey there, stranger" You cracked a little smile I think we both knew the bit of truth that's existed for a while When I said, "Hey there, babe" And you said, "I love you" I think we both knew forces of habit force us to say untruths And we both know that it's not the same And we both know no one is to blame And I'm not sure there's much left to say But I know I'm having second thoughts And I'm needing you to give me a reason to stay When you came over last night I felt like such a fool I didn't want thing to work out, the way they tend to do When you come over next time Maybe things will be fine But I'm not sure I wanna' live my living reading between your lines
Lucy 04:18
Lucy is the kind of gal Who's just grown tired of being let down She's looking for a better way to spend her time 'Cause lately Lucy's found That she's got so much more to go around Her friends say it's time she started thinking like a guy They say she's gotta' toughen up So she should get rough, down and dirty And so she walked down to the fashion district Bought a mini skirt that barely fit Put on her face and fixed her hair real nice Singing, "Ladies, hide your men Because I'm on the prowl again And I'm looking for a good way to spend my time" She says, "I've gotta' toughen up So I should get rough, down and dirty" Don't you know that it won't go away If you don't look inside yourself first and make it better? But Lucy was let down So Lucy, she broke down Lucy was let down again Lucy wants to be Just like the girls on the covers of magazines They seem to know how to make things go their way If she could just be statuesque That hardened marble would shield her chest She'd just have fun 'Cause who needs love anyway? She says, "I've gotta' toughen up So I should get rough, down and dirty" Better, oooh Lucy, you'll be fine again
Baby, don't you mind what they say Because they're gonna' make shit up anyway If it's not about us, it'll be about someone else So won't you come, won't you come along with me And there'll never be a need for worrying And they can put it where the sun don't ever dwell Ain't gonna' let nobody bring us down We ain't gonna' let nobody bring us down We ain't gonna' let nobody bring us down Come and take a brush, we'll paint the whole town red We don't have to pay attention to anything they've said 'Cause it's not about them, it's only you and me So do that thing that makes my fingertips go numb You've got my heart a-ba-ba-beating like a ba-bass drum Let's get together, let's make that brand new beat One day, when the silly rumor mill subsides They're all gonna' realize that we were right And they'll forget all about this battle line So baby, don't you mind what they say Because it's really none of their damn business anyway And it will work itself all out with time
Crossroads 04:14
Don't care if I win Don't care if I lose I'm gonna' sit here 'til someone makes me move The same things that once moved me Are coming back again I sit here and I watch day out and in All I need is a swift kick in the ass All I need is a push to move passed All I need is for someone to tell me what to do Or I might stay this way for good It's another burn and run And then I'm on to the next one At least that's what they say I'm good at I'm sorry, I lied when I said I'd love you until the end But you'll always love yourself more than that Used to not need anyone to tell me what to do I made my own I made my own way, they could all see Used to not need anyone to tell me where to go I take my time But I know I'll get there eventually
A+K 03:48
That evening the air was different And she wondered what for They went walking down the sidewalk Hand in hand just like they had before And she looked at him Trying to remember the feeling Of the lonely nights so long ago But that all changed What made it so? Maybe it was when When he said, "I know what to do I'm hopping on a plane, I'm coming to meet you They might think I'm crazy And maybe that's a little true but," he said, "I'm coming to you" That evening had something More than any other evening could bring And he reached into his pocket And he pulled out a ring And he looked at her Trying hard to remember The lonely nights before she came into his life What made it change? Maybe it was when When she said, "I know what to do I might miss the West Coast, but the West Coast don't have you We'll build a home, adopt a dog And have some vegan food" Yeah she said, "I'm coming to you" This evening is different From any other evening before And she looks at him At he looks at her And they hear each other say Yeah they say, "I know what to do You've given me your heart, I've given mine to you Don't know what lies ahead, but it's okay if it's with you" Yeah they say, "I'm going with you"
Chicago 01:21
Los Angeles really ain't so far from where you are Chicago
Over Now 03:23
You like to say That your heart is all mine But, babe, we've been on shaky ground For such a long, long time And you like to say It was a temporary lapse Well, if that's the way your heart works Baby, you can have it back Although we gave love a good run, it's over now We really made a mess of everything And we really don't know how And there's a guy And I think he's kind of sweet He's been hanging out at the bar I frequent every week And I might let him Sweep me off my feet But if you had done your job, sweetheart I wouldn't have the need Although we gave love a good run, it's all gone now And you can take what you want from it You know I'm leaving anyhow Although we gave love a good run, it's over now We really made a mess of everything And I really don't know how But I'll be fine Baby wait and see I'll be fine So don't you worry about me Baby, don't you worry about me No babe, I really don't know how Darling, really don't know how
Superstar 03:49
They'll tell you what you wanna' hear But reality, honey it don't come near To what you say or what you do You think you'll be a superstar again But not like this No not like that Pushing everybody around I failed to save you from your own demise So I gracefully bowed out when it was time And I don't care, it's what you do You go and be a superstar If you can But not with me No not like that Pushing everybody down They say I'm dumb, I should have stuck with it Oh, but I know they could never know the half of it And I don't mind what they say No, I don't need no superstar No way Superstar
We know that this ain't gonna' last We know it's never gonna' last We know that this ain't gonna' last


released September 14, 2010


all rights reserved



Sara Radle Los Angeles

With her fifth solo record, Same Sun Shines, Sara Radle (formerly of The Rentals, Lucy Loves Schroeder, and Walking Sleep) displays her full versatility as a musician by playing every instrument on the record, including guitars, drums, piano, and violin. She also entered new territory by engineering and mixing the record’s collection of ten infectious pop songs herself. ... more

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