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Calamity Magnet EP

by Sara Radle

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I've made space To keep you in my life But I cannot compromise For someone who can't do the same And it's strange To remember I once was The very center of Your every single thought But, baby, you forgot I've got a feeling it's over I've been hearing you told her That you love her I bet you never loved me back I have changed And, darling, I have tried But I've run out of time And you've run out of answers, too And it has Become so very clear I'm no longer needed here At one time you had heart But, baby, you forgot I've got a feeling it's over I've been hearing you told her That you love her I bet you never loved me back I've got a feeling it's gonna' Be a long hear ahead of me I've gotta' find a way to get back on track And I will always love you
Gotta' keep my mind in check Gotta' keep my heart protected So I'm made of tin And I won't let you in It's like you said the other day "Life patterns are so hard to break" And I don't see you Changing yours anytime soon Sometimes I fell like I am falling for you Falling for you But it seems like you're just borrowing my time Sometimes I fear if I didn't make this so convenient for you You wouldn't want me Oh, babe, please want me Like I want you to My patterns differ from yours I fake confidence but I'm insecure And I don't know how to read What you're saying to me It's like I know I can't compete With exotic girls in foreign countries Or pretty girls in New York I fear I'll always fall short It's these silly things That run through my head all of the time As I wait in the wings Patiently for you to make up your mind Please tell me I'm not wasting time Waiting for you
I think I'm falling in love with you Gregory, yes I do I think I'm falling in love with you I'm falling for you I saw it coming from the first time I laid my eyes on you Falling in love
You don't know exactly what you should think about me And you got yourself flipped upside down Because she's back in your life And you don't know if you wanna' stay in mine And I know exactly what it is I need to do Step one: Gotta' make myself stop coming back to you Steps two and three: Kiss you goodbye and then I'll let you be And you'll have to go away Go away from here Yeah, you'll have to figure out Where to go from here So you'll drive yourself on down to Mexico And you'll try to figure it out When you get back you just might know What you've gotta' do But I'll have to leave that decision up to you Try to picture you with me Is it really so bad? If you haven't figured it out by now Honey, I've been had Yeah, you'll figure it out now
My ex-lover waits for me at home While my drunk ass runs about the town I broke his heart But he broke mine first By no longer showing me love in return My ex-lover waits for me at home While I go out determined to move on He wants me back But I don't want him It's over now, there's no sense in reviving it And he wants to know what's wrong with me And he wants to know how to keep me here But he doesn't know I've been telling him how for a while My ex-lover waits for me at home While I go out to meet another one I'm falling again But not for him I've made my bed for another to lie in And they want to know what's wrong with me Yeah, my friends all say that it's way too soon But they don't know I've been unhappy for a while
I took the photos of us off of my refrigerator Don't want the world to know how happy we once were together Movin' on, I'm movin' on And I erased your name and number from my speed dial One day I'll get over it, but it just might take a while Movin' on, I'm movin' on I don't have time I don't have time to waste on you So I'm movin' on And my friend, Eric, said that he saw you the other day Said you were muggin' down with stupid old what's her name Movin' on, I'm movin' on


released March 1, 2008

All songs written by Sara Radle


all rights reserved



Sara Radle Los Angeles

With her fifth solo record, Same Sun Shines, Sara Radle (formerly of The Rentals, Lucy Loves Schroeder, and Walking Sleep) displays her full versatility as a musician by playing every instrument on the record, including guitars, drums, piano, and violin. She also entered new territory by engineering and mixing the record’s collection of ten infectious pop songs herself. ... more

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